Lending Program Overview

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As the mortgage insurance provider of HUD, FHA will insure mortgages to finance the acquisition, new construction, substantial rehabilitation and refinance of multifamily and healthcare properties nationwide. Loan commitments can be funded on a taxable basis or used as credit enhancement for tax-exempt bond issues.
Properties insured by FHA can be either “market” rate (i.e. not subsidized), affordable housing, or low income housing. HUD does not require low income tenancy setasides nor does it impose rent limits on insured properties, though the use of tax-exempt bonds or low income housing tax credits can trigger these requirements.


A core component of Fannie Mae’s mission is to support the U.S. multifamily housing market to help serve the nation’s rental housing needs, focusing on low- to middle-income households and communities. In addition to families, Fannie Mae serves the housing needs of military personnel, students and seniors.
For more than 25 years, Fannie Mae’s Multifamily Mortgage Business has successfully and consistently provided a stable, reliable secondary market for participants in the multifamily housing industry. In fact, as of December 2011, the size of the Fannie Mae multifamily guaranty book of business stood at approximately $193 billion. According to the Federal Reserve in Q4 2011, Fannie Mae holds 21.2% of the United States’ mortgage debt outstanding for multifamily housing. In 2011, the company provided financing to more than 3.8M multifamily units, of which 87.7% were affordable to families earning 100% or below the median income in their area.
(Source: Fannie Mae December 31, 2011)


Armstrong Mortgage Company clients can rely on a broad selection of commercial real estate financial services.  In addition to being an approved lender for HUD-FHA Multifamily Health Care and Senior Retirement Housing, Armstrong provides access to commercial real estate lending for life insurance companies, commercial mortgage-backed security lenders, pension funds, capital market groups and commercial banks.
Rates are typically quoted as a percentage spread over U.S. Government Treasury yields or swap spreads for 3, 5, 7 and 10 year terms and amortized for 15 to 30 year schedules depending upon the security and loan to value ratio.  Underwriting is based upon economic value, debt coverage ratios, costs and/or debt to cost ratios.
Armstrong Mortgage has a true national lending platform throughout the continental United States and Hawaii.  Property types include:  Multifamily, Retail, Office, Bulk Warehousing, Personal Storage Warehousing, Flex Space (office/warehouse), Health Care, Senior Retirement Housing, Skilled Nursing Home Facilities and Special Use Properties.


"Armstrong Mortgage maintains a working expertise of the standards of the industry, and adds the personal dedication that simplifies what can be a tedious process elsewhere.“
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Fairfield Homes, Inc.
"Armstrong Mortgage has not only provided me with top notch service over the years, but they have also treated me like family.  The staff is very knowledgeable and professional, but they will also treat you as a friend.  Our most recent refinance literally would not have happened if it were not for the staff at Armstrong Mortgage and their willingness to go above and beyond."
Wexford Inc.
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